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Joint Pain Specialist

Leia Rispoli, MD

Interventional Pain Medicine located in Newport Beach, CA & Marina Del Rey, CA

Joint pain may be due to a sudden injury, develop from overuse, or result from chronic diseases like arthritis. Whatever’s causing your joint pain, fellowship-trained specialist Leia Rispoli, MD, can help. At her office in Marina Del Rey and Newport Beach, California, Dr. Rispoli will diagnose the cause of your joint pain and offer innovative and effective, non-surgical treatments. To find out how she can help relieve your joint pain, call Leia Rispoli, MD, or book an appointment online today.

Joint Pain Q & A

What causes joint pain?

Joint pain is a common problem that has numerous potential causes, including:

Acute injuries

Acute injuries include sprains, strains, cartilage damage, fractures, and dislocations. Sprains are injuries of the ligaments, the connective tissues that attach bones to one another in your joints. Strains are tendon injuries — tendons attach muscles to bones in your joints.

Common acute sports injuries include meniscus, anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), or medial collateral ligament (MCL) injuries in the knee, rotator cuff tendinopathy or tears in the shoulders, labral tears in the hips and shoulders, and ankle sprains.

Overuse injuries

Overuse injuries develop more slowly as repeated movements cause irritation and inflammation of the tendons, cartilage, or tissue involved with the joints. Examples of common overuse injuries include bursitis (inflammation of the protective fluid sacs in many joints), achilles tendinitis, tennis elbow (lateral epicondylitis), and golfer’s elbow (medial epicondylitis).

Acute and overuse injuries can become chronic and debilitating without the right treatment. This can lead to functional and daily physical limitations due to pain and weakness. 

Is arthritis a cause of joint pain?

Yes — arthritis is probably the most common cause of chronic joint pain. There are numerous kinds of arthritis, over 100 in all. Those that are most widespread include:


The most common form of all, osteoarthritis, tends to develop in later life after years of joint wear-and-tear. You lose the protective articular (surface) cartilage on the bones in your joints, which during movements and activity, can create friction, inflammation, and pain.

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis can start earlier in life than osteoarthritis, but also may present itself later in life as well. This is an autoimmune disorder, which means your own immune system contributes to joint damage. This disease is typically diagnosed with bloodwork reviewed by a rheumatologist and may require specialized and more advanced medications. 


Gout can occur in other joints but most often affects the big toes. It’s due to a buildup of uric acid in your body, which causes crystals to form in the joints. Unlike many kinds of arthritis where you experience continual pain, gout causes attacks of severe pain at intervals.

Other kinds of arthritis that are also quite common include psoriatic arthritis, which can develop in people who have the skin disease psoriasis, and septic arthritis, which develops after an infection.

How is joint pain treated?

Acute joint pain usually improves with rest and activity modification, and typically working with a well-trained physical therapist. Hot compresses, ice packs, and anti-inflammatory medication can also help ease swelling and pain. 

Dr. Rispoli specializes in diagnosing and treating sports injuries and chronic joint pain. She provides a range of treatments to suit your condition, including:

  • Physical therapy guidance and referral
  • Joint injections
  • PRP (platelet-rich-plasma) injections
  • Alpha 2 Macroglobulin injections
  • Stem cell therapy

Treatment usually begins with the more conservative options before moving to advanced interventions if you’re not getting relief from your pain.

Find effective ways to combat your joint pain by calling Leia Rispoli, MD, or booking online today.